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I created this animation in Zbrush to be shown as a closing video for my talk at the Tehran Game Convention 2017.
My talk was about the 'creativity of constraints' and this little  video was meant to serve as an example, for how very tight constraints can not only be a fun challenge, but also content defining inspiration itself.

Zbrush's animation features are below basic and very cumbersome to use. Frankly,- Zbrush shouldn't be used for animation at all.
Since range of motion in Zbrush is extremely limited for various reasons, I decided the ideal theme to try is a dance music video.
Here it is, - 'The lonliest Man in the World' dancing for you
(Sculpted and animated in Zbrush, Cheesy FX added in Power Director. Music composed, arranged and recorded with Presonus Studio One)

Julian Kenning

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